1. A walk in the woods. Hamburg, September 2012

  2. Bruges, February 2010

    Not a perfect shot, but I like it. We had a great time there.

  3. Shooting the M. Banys Àrabs, Palma de Mallorca, August 2012

  5. Polar bear. Hagenbeck, Hamburg, 2012

  6. Bear. Hagenbeck, Hamburg, July 2012

  7. His majesty, dreaming of africa? Hagenbeck, Hamburg, July 2012

  8. "Whatcha lookin’ at?!" Hagenbeck, Hamburg, July 2012

  9. Via di San Gregorio. Rome, Italy. March 2012

  10. Maybe he asked them where to get those costumes. Colosseum, Rome, Italy. March 2012

  11. I don’t remember if they were Police officers or just security staff, but obviously they had lots of fun together. Colosseum, Rome, Italy. March 2012

  12. Paws. March 2012, Hamburg, Germany.

  13. Hamburg, August 2011. Little J. Wonderful how Kids are astonished at so many things.. :)

  14. Our little Grimur. 16 weeks old. He’s still very small but cheeky like a big one.

  15. Our Loki. 16 Weeks old. Cheeky, curious, playful and very cuddly. ♥